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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you limited the meet to 500 swimmers?

The 2012 event will be hosted at the H2O Adventure & Fitness Centre in Kelowna.  The 2012 Championships is a Short Course meet using an eight-lane competition tank and an adjacent eight-lane 25m warm-up / cool-down tank.

One of our primary goals for the 2012 Championships is to host a first-class event that athletes, coaches and guests will enjoy thoroughly and speak of positively after the event.  The Canadian Nationals is also a wonderful opportunity to attract new Masters swimmers to the sport. This is more likely to happen if our flagship National event is enjoyed by all, runs smoothly and on time.  Our 2012 program is designed with a schedule that provides for a late afternoon Pacific Daylight Time finish on Saturday and Sunday and a mid-afternoon Pacific Daylight Time finish on the Monday.  We have taken care to ensure that the planned social events and quiet time that compliment the day’s swimming, are not overlapped by late-running events.

We want athletes and their guests to be able to plan their day, have enough time to finish up, freshen up and attend social events.  Athletes, friends and family should even have a little free time to enjoy our beautiful Okanagan environment.

We have carefully estimated the overall time required to run the events on each race day, in accordance with FINA and MSC rules, without the risk that any event will run late into the evening, although we will need to run into the early evening on Friday.

In order to accommodate all of the above, we have calculated an upper threshold of 500 swimmers.

Why have you limited the number of events to six per swimmer?

See above

Why have you limited the number of entries to the 1500m and 800m freestyle events?

See above

Is there free parking at the pool?

Addressed in the Meet Package:  Yes: the open-air parking area belongs to the City of Kelowna, and is situated on the south side of the H2O Adventure & Fitness Centre.  An adjoining open-air parking site is available next to the Capital News Centre near to the H2O. The combined parking area can accommodate a few hundred vehicles.

Is there a Family change-room at the pool?

Yes: there are three change-rooms on site: the Female change-room, Male change-room and the Family change-room.

Are there lockers available in the change rooms?

Addressed in the Meet Package:  Coin-operated lockers are available in the Male and Female change-rooms and (?) the Families change-room. Lockers operate with 2x quarters per open/close and must be cleared at the end of the day.

Can I train in the pool on Friday, even if I’m not swimming in any of the Friday events?

Yes: the swimming pool is available to athletes (and closed to the Public) for the full duration of the meet.
This is from Friday May 18 at 11:00AM until the Meet closes on Monday May 21.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re registered for an event on that specific day; you will have access provided you’re registered for the 2012 National Championships. The pool will not be open to swimmers during the opening ceremony or any closing ceremony.

Will there be food on site/nearby?

Yes: we’re arranging with one or more food service organizations, to have food available for purchase on outside the H2O facility.  Jugo Juice - the on-site vendor - will also be open for business during usual operating hours. We have arranged to erect open-air ‘relaxation tents’ on the lawns outside the facility, to allow athletes to have quiet time outside the facility between events, and to take their meals.

Is there Wireless Internet access at the pool?

While it’s possible that Wi-Fi access may be available to guests of the H2O Operator (the YMCA/YWCA), it is not part of the service we can offer.  Athletes are advised to make alternative arrangements for internet access while at the pool.

Will there be places to hang club banners?

Yes: the wall behind the western bleachers is available to fix club banners to. We plan to ask the Operator to install some form of permanent rail to make it easier for clubs to hang their banners during meets, without damaging the painted walls.  Banner and bleacher space is limited, so we urge clubs to take other clubs and individuals into consideration when occupying bleachers and installing banners.

Will heat sheets be posted online?

Yes: within one week after registration for individual entries closes (April 25, 2012), and once we have completed seeding, Psych Sheets and Heat Sheets for individual events will be posted on the website.

Will heat sheets be available on deck?

Every registrant will receive a full set of heat-sheets with the program in their Registration Pack.  We will also have a limited supply of spare Registration Packs and Heat-Sheets for sale on deck.

Will results be posted online?

Yes: as soon as possible after the completion of each daily session, and allowing for enough time to process result challenges and DQ’s etc, we will post downloadable PDF results on the website.

I’m the coach for ABC Masters Swim Club. Will I be able to substitute a swimmer in a relay team if one of my swimmers scratches?

See page 3 of the Meet package: “Relay Team Confirmation / ...each club must submit the final names, ages, gender and order of swimmers for each team to the clerk of course by 3:00 pm the day prior to the event except for event #7, which has a confirmation deadline of 1:00 pm Friday May 18th.”   Relay team entries must be registered on or before noon Pacific Daylight Time on May 3, 2012.

Team details must be confirmed per Meet Package. For example, the club cannot exchange “Event #7 - 4 x 50 Mixed Free Relay” for “Event #8 - 4 x 50 Womens’ Free Relay” because one or more male swimmers drop out and female swimmers are available up to replace them.

Could I enter an event on deck, as an individual swimmer, after April 25?

Addressed in the Meet Package:  No.  The close-out date for individual registrations is April 25th

Can I park my RV near the pool?

RV facilities are available reasonably close to the pool. Hiawatha RV Park can be reached at The facility is less than 2kms from the pool.

My spouse / partner / family will be joining me in Kelowna. Will he / she / they be able to swim in the pool?

He / she / they will not be able to swim in the main pool (i.e. the competition tank and warm-up/cool-down tanks are reserved for registered CMSC2012 athletes only), however they may be able to purchase a drop-in access pass from the Operator. This will allow for swimming in the ‘recreational’ area of the pool, which has waterslides and a wave pool.  We’ve rented the competition pool and the pool deck for the duration of the meet. This area is off-limits to the general public (other than guests and spectators) during the Meet. The Operator can sell ‘drop-in’ access to members of the public, provided the facility is not overloaded at the time. The H2O “drop-in admission” fee is currently $10.35 per adult, or $25.50 per family plus HST.  Fees are lower for seniors and youth.  Please refer to the Operator website for current information.

I’m flying in to Kelowna and don’t plan to rent a car. Is there a shuttle service between the airport and any of the hotels?

Kelowna Shuttle offers transit services between YLW Kelowna International Airport and several of the hotels and other places in the City.  View their website at:

I’ve registered for the Championships but I didn’t register for any social events.  I have decided that I / and/or my partner would like to attend an event, so now I would like to purchase tickets. Can I do this?

If you haven’t purchased social tickets during the online registration process, you will need to email the Social Events manager at with your name, your guests’ names and details of the tickets you would like to purchase.  We will place your name on a waiting list.

I entered for the 1500m freestyle event on Friday. My flight from Toronto lands at 10:35am, so I won’t arrive in time for the 10:00am positive check-in. Can I do an email check-in once I’ve boarded the aircraft, or ask a friend to check me in?

A check-in is not required.  Please note that the heading “Mandatory Positive Check in” on page 4 of the Meet Package has been revised.  We have removed the need for a positive check-in.

(Before March 28, 2012)  I’ve registered for Nationals 2012 but I’ve recently become ill / have to have surgery / have injured my shoulder / have to attend a family funeral / have been called away on business for that week-end. Can I (i) get a refund, (ii) transfer my registration to a colleague?

Yes, we can refund you if you apply in time but we cannot transfer your registration to another person. You will need to contact the Meet Manager before noon Pacific Daylight Time on March 28, to request cancellation and a refund.

(After March 28, 2012)  I’ve registered for Nationals 2012 but I’ve recently become ill / have to have surgery / have injured my shoulder / have to attend a family funeral / have been called away on business for that week-end. Can I (i) get a refund, (ii) transfer my registration to a colleague?

No, we cannot accept cancellations after March 28, 2012 for any reason.

I’ve registered for 4 events but I realized only after registration that I’m actually allowed to register for up to 6 events.  Can I register now for the other 1 or 2 events?

You will need to confirm any changes with the Meet Manager by latest 12:00 noon Pacific Daylight Time on April 25, 2012.  We cannot accept changes after that date.

I’m a para-athlete / para-swimmer. How will I be seeded?

Para-atheletes will be seeded with other athletes

I registered as an unattached swimmer but I have since joined ABC Masters Swim Club. Can I change my registration to show I’m a member of ABC Masters Swim Club?

You will need to confirm any changes with the Meet Manager by latest 12:00 noon Pacific Daylight Time on April 25, 2012.

I registered for two events for which I had no actual seed times, so I took a guess.  Now I know my real times are faster / slower than my registered seed times.  Can I change them?

You will need to confirm any changes with the Meet Manager by latest 12:00 noon Pacific Daylight Time on April 25, 2012.


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